I love New Port Richey and hope to define our future with you.

We are experiencing a true renaissance in our city. Our bustling Main Street, beautiful oak trees, and the winding Cotee River. Sims Park, the Hacienda, and Orange Lake. Our Public Library, the Richey Suncoast Theatre, and the Rec Center. Grey Preserve, Green Key, the Waterfront District, and so much more.

Of course, there is still a lot of hard work to do to protect these resources and continue to grow our Downtown, surrounding neighborhoods, and local economy. Now is the time to improve all of our sidewalks and streets, protect our natural resources, connect our small businesses, and ensure everyone has access to opportunity to flourish.

With your support — I will fight for an even better, brighter New Port Richey.

Define Our Future.

Stand with Kate to continue the renaissance of New Port Richey.


our Growth

New Port Richey Strong

Our city is vibrant with a strong downtown and historic neighborhoods but we can do more to calm our streets, fix our sidewalks, and add bike paths. Safe access for everyone in downtown and beyond to surrounding neighborhoods, the water, and our parks.

our commerce

Connect Small Business

Bring New Port Richey together through more small business incentives to grow with our city. Improve digital communications to better share events and historical sites, keep our residents and visitors up-to-date, and grow day-to-day business.

OUR resources

A Community of Pride

Ramp up sustainable initiatives to cherish and preserve our natural resources, shared common areas, green spaces, parks, and waterways. Support our elderly, youth, minorities, and all families to make sure everyone has an opportunity to flourish and grow throughout New Port Richey.

the future of new port richey

What we do today defines our future, take action.



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